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Easily index the core business data of any address in mainstream DeFi protocols and obtain deposits, withdrawals, pledges, unlocks, loans, repayments, liquidity additions or removal and many more.


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DeFi Positions

Easily obtain the positions and assets of accounts in all popular DeFi protocols, including liquidity pools, Stake assets, rewards, etc., which can be used for one-click integration and displayed on DeFi Dashboard and Asset Analysis.

  • Get DeFi positions and assets of any account address with a simple call
  • Easily integrate liquidity pools, stakes, lending, reward amounts and infos across accounts
  • Data visualization facilitates DeFi investigation and strategy formulation
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Use Cases with BlockVision DeFi API

  • Build your own DeFi dashboard

  • Make better decisions and move quickly with your DeFi TVL Aggregator

  • Data visualization for Liquidity Pool

  • Easily build intuitive DeFi analytics

  • Staking and Lending APY Leaderboard

  • Get the health rate of tokens in real time

  • Visualization of liquidation value under price fluctuations

  • Discover the easiest way to profit from cryptocurrencies

  • Crypto DeFi Yield Farming Rankings & Trends

  • Create your Yield Aggregators in a minute