Easily Access Data Using FT API

BlockVision's FT API allows developers to quickly query and index all Token-related data, such as token assets, prices, etc., on mainstream blockchain networks.


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Used to obtain all approval events for account addresses, to identify account risks in a timely manner.

  • Query historical ERC20 approval events for any address to control account risk and secure assets
  • Supports multi-chain scanning, allowing you to easily satisfy your needs
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Used to scan historical ERC20 transfer events for any address to track dynamics and identify opportunities, such as crypto wallets.

  • Supports easy access to historical ERC20 token transfer events for any address
  • Easily get minting and burning events for any ERC20 contract address to track circulation in real time
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Holder & Price

Used to query ERC20 token price trends and whales for market analysis and purchase decisions, such as DeFi Data Analysis.

  • Easily obtain current and historical price data for any ERC20 token, which can be used for visualized trend analysis
  • Get the list of account addresses ranked from high to low by ERC20 token holdings, that is, the list of big players
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Use Cases with BlockVision FT API

  • Check the portfolio of any account

  • Build your DeFi dashboard

  • Track historical positions and root out opportunities

  • Market forecasts based on liquidity and price trends

  • Check approval events and ensure account security

  • Spotting whales and market analysis