Enhanced Blockchain API

BlockVision offers a series of APIs to make building and running blockchain queries concise, straightforward and more accessible. For example, the Snapshot API supports exporting the historical status of specific addresses while the Token API provides an easy data querying interface for Fungible, NFT and GameFi contracts.



BlockVision provides not only powerful APIs for developers, but also analytical statistics on their API calls. By visualizing API call usage with various charts and graphs, these stats help developers take full advantage of BlockVision's APIs.


Development Kit

Development Kit is the all-in-one construction space designed specifically for developers. Here, you can view real-time transactions in the Mempool, scan history requests and errors, while also start debugging all of your dApps.


NFT Infrastructure

BlockVision synchronizes and integrates core NFT metadata and NFT marketplace data such as OpenSea and LooksRare, just to let you save everything while developing NFT applications.


Real-time monitoring and notifications

BlockVision provides an in-built monitoring and alarm system, giving users real-time alerting directly to their application of choice such as SMS, Email, Telegram or Discord. From tracking the sale of NFTs to monitoring the transactions on large wallets, get instant notifications, direct to you.

Do More with
Blockchain Data

BlockVision constantly introduces more data products to help you perform complex queries, store large sets of online or offline data and interpret the results. Access a whole new world of possibilities. The power of blockchain data is at your fingertips.


Data Lake

Sharding storage and real time computing


Customized API

Build your own customized API and datasets with ease


GameFi User Profile

Form unified GameFi user profile such as game props and skins


NFT Aggregation

Aggregate real-time NFT data from multiple chains


Featured Use Cases


Troubleshooting and Monitoring

BlockVision’s Development Toolkits can quickly help developers troubleshoot bugs and improve efficiency, as all the relevant details are in one system.

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Discover Giant Whales

Track “whales” across various platforms, know when the "Smart Money" is buying or selling, get alerted on any movement from desired accounts to be sure you don't miss out on an opportunity, and make better, more informed decisions on the market.

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NFT Scan and Notification

Analyze NFT data across multiple chains in real time, check the validity and history of any NFT, inspect for price inflation or manipulation, and keep an eye on your acquisition sources for scams, and get you notified through social media in time.

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Why Blockvision

Cost Efficient

Reduce many economic costs and technical thresholds for developers.


A large number of nodes are deployed in multiple layers to ensure stability.


Support users to set up custom handlers to meet their needs.


Easily support multiple public chains with strong scalability.


Highly available infrastructure and a complete ecosystem.


See what experts are saying


Ben Jones

Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Optimism

“The Ethereum developer stack is constantly evolving and improving. One of the most important features of Optimism is to be able to perfectly support the rapidly evolving tooling landscape with EVM equivalence. We’re very excited to have BlockVision contributing to that by integrating their advanced APIs.”


Michael Kong

CEO of Fantom Foundation

“We’re excited to have BlockVision and their impressive blockchain development tooling on Fantom. Their HTAP engine and distributed multi-node architecture provide impressively low-latencies and high availability, making it a good choice for our developers.”


Alan Chiu

CEO of Boba Network

“It’s always exciting to welcome high-performance infrastructure to accelerate the prosperity of the whole ecosystem. Boba’s ambition is to be the People’s L2 that puts users and developers first, and with great allies like BlockVision, we’re one step closer to achieving that goal.”