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Ben Jones

Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Optimism

“The Ethereum developer stack is constantly evolving and improving. One of the most important features of Optimism is to be able to perfectly support the rapidly evolving tooling landscape with EVM equivalence. We’re very excited to have BlockVision contributing to that by integrating their advanced APIs.”


Michael Kong

CEO of Fantom Foundation

“We’re excited to have BlockVision and their impressive blockchain development tooling on Fantom. Their HTAP engine and distributed multi-node architecture provide impressively low-latencies and high availability, making it a good choice for our developers.”


Alan Chiu

CEO of Boba Network

“It’s always exciting to welcome high-performance infrastructure to accelerate the prosperity of the whole ecosystem. Boba’s ambition is to be the People’s L2 that puts users and developers first, and with great allies like BlockVision, we’re one step closer to achieving that goal.”


BlockVision is a one-stop development platform and on-chain data retrieval center for developers. In addition to basic APIs, we also provide enhanced FT & NFT APIs and Alerts as well as a development platform where developers can quickly debug and monitor the health of their dApps with BlockVision's Dashboard, Console, and Mempool. BlockVision is already live on Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Optimism, Polygon and Fantom, with more being onboarded all the time. With BlockVision's powerful development toolkit, users are able to see API call history, API call analytics, monitor the life cycle of transactions on the chain and get notified in real-time.
BlockVision offers more than 100 enhanced APIs to make building and running blockchain queries concise, straightforward and more accessible. For example, the Snapshot API supports exporting the historical status of specific addresses while the Token API provides an easy data querying interface for FT, NFT and GameFi contracts. Click for more details.
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Yes, you can upgrade at any time. After you choose to upgrade, you will gain access to the higher level features immediately. There is no option to downgrade at this stage.
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